Fly Guy is an amazing pilot from, you guessed it, Alberta Canada.  His growing YouTube channel, (FLY GUY ALBERTA), is becoming a hit helping introduce new pilots into this wonderful sport.  He features great content filled with smart flying tips, a few safety nuggets and a lot of beautiful Canadian scenery. This 47 year old pilot started his life long passion for flight as an Air Cadet, (a youth aviation program), and since has earned his rating to be a powered paragliding instructor.

Some words from Fly Guy:  Since investing the time and money in Powered Paragliding I have loved every minute of it and it has been a life changing experience. I started making the videos to share the experience with family and friends but have found that an increasing number of people are wanting to learn about the sport and get into it. My passion for Paramotors has taken me beyond just making the videos as I have spent the last year getting the training and rating to become an instructor and hope to be able to share this amazing sport with others on a one on one basis where others may learn in a safe and professional manner!

LawnchairAviator would like to extend our deepest Thanks to Fly Guy for all he has contributed to us and the community. His passion and excitement is an inspiration to us all.  We look forward to following his adventures as he grows alongside this sport.   Please help show your support, Like and Subscribe on YouTube and Facebook here: 


Facebook: Fly Guy Alberta



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